Most bad-ass Kirk fight

So I'm re-watching the original Trek, TOS if you will. Its the first time I've watched all the episodes like this in 40 years. I'm enjoying the heck out of it for what it was. I'm particularly enjoying all the TOS stereotypes and tropes, one of which is Kirk fight scenes. Sure, there have been many epic Kirk fight scenes. Kirk beats down Kahn with a stick. Kirk temple smashes the Gorn. Kirk rebounds off the bulk-head to body slam his assailant. But I have to say the most totally bad-ass show of Kirk force has to be in Specter of the Gun. Thats the one where Kirk and gang find themselves in Tomb Stone, AZ and finally at the shoot-out at the OK Corral. After Kirk spending the whole show trying to make nice to Wyatt Erp, he finally just uncorks on the guy and beats him down in a matter of seconds. Wyatt Erp got handed a dish of Kirk smack down that they just don't serve at the Tombstone saloon.

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